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Plastic Shed Do’s And Dont’s

Plastic Shed Do’s And Dont’s

Plastic Garden Sheds – A Cost Effective Solution

Cheap Plastic garden sheds can be convenient and come in various styles and colors. They are a great choice when looking for cheap garden sheds. You can find them just about anywhere online and even at home improvement stores. You can find plastic garden sheds on sale quite often, but they do have their benefits and downfalls though.

These sheds come in many different shapes and sizes to fit almost anyone’s needs and available space. They are relatively inexpensive if you shop around a bit.

Some Pros to Plastic Sheds…

A few good points to buying a cheap plastic garden shed is the fact that they come with everything you need in one box. They are durable and lightweight and can withstand the elements pretty well. They do fade in color after a number of years, plastic shedespecially if stored where there is prolonged periods of exposure to the elements.

These plastic sheds can come in a variety of different sizes and heights to fit your needs pretty well. They have taller ones that you can walk in and smaller plastic storage shed types that are for smaller items.So the assortment that is available to you is the best out there, besides building your own garden shed.

These do require assembly, the smaller plastic garden sheds take no time at all and require minimal time on your part. The assembly is not that bad and is usually something that can be done with little to no special tools required. This is the most appealing part of these types of sheds for most people, I think.

Another plus to buying a plastic shed is their availability. You can find them at almost any home improvement store and even more places online. This is a great factor because you can see what they look like before you actually buy one. If you are shopping online, then you can read all of the reviews on them before making a purchase.

** Reviews are great because they give you unbiased insight from someone who has already purchased the product.

The Dark Side…

Some of the downfalls of buying these cheap garden sheds include cost, customization and available designs.Since these come pre-made, you really have no options available to you, besides the specific models they have available.

The cost of a small plastic garden shed will be pretty reasonable, whereas a larger more intricate plastic shed will end up costing you as much or even more than one that you could build yourself. You should price out different designs and manufacturers to see if any of them make plastic garden sheds that fits your specific wants and needs.

** I have found that suncast and rubbermaid have the best prices on average.

There are several different companies that make and manufacture these sheds and finding a style that you like will be relatively easy. Finding the right plastic shed kit for the right price will be the hard part. These can cost upwards of $1000 for a nicer model and you have to buy the floor separately!! So keep this in mind when making your decision.

In conclusion, plastic sheds are a great choice if you need something very simple and are looking for a cheap garden shed that will require virtually no work on your part. These are somewhat plain and will be priced moderately for one that is fairly simple in design.

**The best bet if you want a more appealing one would be to build one yourself. The more elaborate ones will cost you anywhere from $1,000 and up. If that is not an issue, then this is the most cost effective and fastest way of having your very own garden shed.